Big Lots - Gone Green?

Last week, Noah and I visited Big Lots to grab a couple of items for the house.

I have been visiting Big Lots since I was a little girl.  Mind you that this was WAY before they re-branded and re-marketed the store!  It used to be more like a thrift far they have come!

While walking around the store, I noticed several brands that I hadn't seen before - I was very excited and proud that they were making a change to carry more eco-friendly product lines.

Here are pictures that I took - please forgive the quality - they were taken with my cell phone.  I thought it would be a little strange to walk around with my DSLR!

Organic Gerber Baby Food

Tom's Toothpaste

Hartz Clean Earth Chew Prevention Aid

Green Works All Purpose Spray

Method Kid - Green Shampoo and Body Wash

         Hoover Second Nature Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solution

       Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent Pacs



Amy Walker said…
That's good news!
Kim said…
Wow! Go big lots!
Unknown said…
I know!! I love it!!
Kendra said…
Wow, thats great to know!! I always avoid Big Lots cause it was slowly turning into a Wal-Mart! Thanks for this!!
I don't usually go to Big Lots....but this is making me re-think!

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