Adventures in Baby Food Making: Week 12 - Organic Peas

Well, I'm kind of behind on posting our homemade baby food, so I will try to update as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, I could never find organic peas, so I reverted to Organic Peas in a can.  Well...I guess its better than conventional still, right?

And with that said, there is not much to preparing canned peas.  I simply had to open the can - puree - and feed.

One thing that I did do, though, was left it a bit textured since he now has teeth and needs to learn how to eat more textured and solid foods.

I will say this - even after the week of trying peas - he STILL HATES THEM!

Whereas, I love peas.  Oh well.


Have you tried organic frozen peas? Look for salt free as the babe doesn't need any salt :) I would steam them and then puree them and freeze in ice cube trays. Then fill labeled freezer containers. Two ice cube portions was roughly one ounce. Even if you couldn't find organic frozen or fresh, sweet peas are on the clean 15 list. Or better yet grow them yourself.

That expression is simply priceless. If that's his hate face what does he make for things he loves? Cutie!
That expression is priceless! Thanks for linking up to Simple Lives Thursday.

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