100% Organic Aminals Liun Review * Compostable Inside and Out

I start with a picture of an AMINAL .... no .... I did not misspell that :)

My roars are the loudest.  Thunderstorms are not scary.  When we are sleeping we are the heaviest.

That is how great this toy is - That the picture comes first!  Isn't he awesome?!

This Liun is one of a variety of Aminals that AminalDolls.com carries.

Based on the imaginative drawings of children, these dolls are vivid and bright with a whimsy that could only come from the minds of children.

What drew me to these great dolls was the fact that they are made with 100% organic materials inside and out!  Aminals are made from all natural, organic materials that can nourish your garden!  All Aminal dolls are stuffed with 100% unbleached, unprocessed, chemical-free organic cotton and dyed with low-impact vegetable dyes.  They also contain no petro-chemicals or synthetic materials

Now...how many of your children's toys can you say that about?

Not only are their dolls great fun for children, but their mission of sustainability and education was even more encouraging.

Aminaldolls.com uses organic cotton for the same reasons that we have discussed cotton in previous discussion on this website.  Cotton is one of the dirtiest and pesticide-ridden crops that the United States possesses.  Even through processing, these toxins linger and can be absorbed into our skin simply by wearing our cotton clothes or playing with cotton toys.

You can be rest assured as a parent that Aminals are not only 100% organic, but 100% safe for your children.  To read more about the mission of Aminal Dolls, click here.

What could make these dolls even cooler and even more eco-friendly?  They were designed to be 100% recyclable - 100% compostable! Wow.

If after years of love, your Aminal is ready to return to the Earth, click here to learn how to compost your doll.  So very cool!

Are you ready for your babies to be safe with a great and innovative Aminal of their own?  

Click here and you could have one of your own!

Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my completely honest opinion above and may differ from yours. I cannot and will not be held liable for lost or products not received.


My husband has eight grandchildren with two on the way...what a great gift idea! I'll have to look into this further...
We have the lion and he rocks...I will definitely compost him when he's ready to go but let me tell you, I'll have to fight my daughter for his body :)

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