- A "Green" Auction Site

I must admit that I have been an Ebay junkie for a very long time.  The only thing I hate is how expensive it has become to sell.

Recently, I was approached by the founder of, an alternative to Ebay.  An eco-friendly auction site that allows people to buy, sell and trade all of their earth friendly, recycled and used items as well as low-energy consuming electronics and appliances.

Their slogan: Go Green, Buy, Sell and Trade Earth Friendly, Recycled and Used Items.

How great is this!  Although not everything is "green," it still promotes the upcycling and trading of used items so that items do not end up in the landfill.

I must say, too, that this is not another penny auction site that requires you to sit and watch your auctions every single second.  How annoying is that? is definitely a great alternative to the conventional.  I've got my first bid in ... how about you?


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