Cloth Diapering / Babywearing Party

A couple of days before I left for vacation, I attending a Cloth Diapering / Babywearing Party hosted by Devon, a consultant over at Babies, Bottoms and More.

Devon and I attended Bradley birthing classes together and have stayed in touch ever since :)

I went, not so much for the slings and wraps, as I love my Ergo Baby Carrier....but to learn more about the types and styles of cloth diapers and accessories that are out there.

What is unfortunate, I believe, is that most people that decide to cloth diaper don't have a great resource to learn from and then do what I did and just buy and try.

There are so many varieties of diapers - some of which I'd LOVE to try but can't afford, and others that I have just learned that I hate.

Each to their own, Devon did a great job in educating me about what is out there and has peaked my interest in acquiring some new and different diapers that I haven't tried yet.

It is with great pleasure that Devon will be writing a guest post for us soon:  Cloth Diapering 101!  I am very excited!

So, make sure to stay tuned!



Amy Walker said…
SO cool. Besides the boutique at the birthing center we use, my only cd experience has been on line! Looking forward to the guest post!
Stephanie said…
Can't wait to hear more! I'm going in completely blind since NO ONE around me uses CD! I'm depending on bloggers and whatever I can find online!
Yah, that was the hard part when we were deciding which way to go when we started using cloth...too confusing!!
But, we realized whatever keeps baby dry is the "right way", so we figured it out!

I've always wanted to try the Ergo, glad you love it! We have a mei-tai wrap that Jake LOVES!
lisad33611 said…
I'm so excited to read this post! Basically I don't know a thing about cloth diapering except I'd love to start. I only have 4 now but want to add to my collection. I don't want to waste money on diapers that I don't like so it's intimidating!

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