Adventures in Baby Food Making: Week 14 - Organic Kiwi


Yeah - I made him try it.

His reaction?  Gag  is not quite a strong enough word.

I found organic kiwi at Whole Foods and since you can give kiwi to babies starting at 8 Months, I figured we'd see how it went.

It is actually one of the quickest of the meals to make so far -

So, I found Organic Kiwi:

I cut them in half

and scooped out the flesh and edible seeds.

Mash and serve.

If you want to freeze ahead, simply peel the kiwi with a vegetable peeler - then puree - freeze - bag and tag.

Kiwi can last in the freezer for 2 months.

Here is the gag I was telling you about:


Oh that is priceless! :) I gave my babe kiwi right away too. You may just have to try try again. Even if you do it weeks apart. Maybe he doesn't know that he likes it yet. Could have been soo new and exciting it brought on the gag. LOL. I made all of my own baby food too. Loved that it tasted real. After I tasted the organic version of one of the leading brands--it tasted so bad. I will admit there are some out there better than others (even some store brands were better than this pricey one), but I liked the idea it was real food I was giving my baby. That and we had a garden and a pear tree. ;)

Changing Woman said…
Lol What does Noah like to eat? This whole week you have posted such delicious options and his facial expressions are sooo funny.

When i saw you were making Kiwi, I knew he was going to like it, but I guess he is picky.
lisad33611 said…
That is the funniest face I've ever seen! So cute!
Krissy said…
I say try it again!1

With both my girls, I realized that anything green they'll gag. (They still do at ages 2 and 4 lol)

Following (late) from Friendly Friday! Hopefully you can stop by and follow me as well!
Sarah said…
That face is so awesome! I hate kiwi as I feel his pain

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