Make it Yourself: Natural Stone Cleaner

2 tbsp.  Biodegradable liquid soap
4 c.       Water
32 oz.   Spray bottle

Pour soap and water into spray bottle and shake gently until completely blended.

Source: Natural Home, July/August 2010

Don't want to make it yourself?  Here are some alternatives:


Kathy said…
I have been wanting to do this for our granite counter tops. I saw another recipe that called for rubbing alcohol. now im confused:)
Kris said…
I just looked up ways to naturally clean my granite countertops last week. I found some that said to use vinegar..but then some things I found said that vinegar was not good for granite and would slowly make it dull. Ok..not sure who to believe but suppose I'll stay away from the vinegar for now. Like the other commenter I found some that said to use rubbing alcohol. I didn't want to buy anything especially for this just yet. Instead..I used some dish detergent I already had in the house, just put some on a very soft cloth and got it wet and rubbed the counter top. Then I used another soft cloth to wipe up the solution and it looked awesome! It looked so much better than after I clean it with store bought stuff.

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