"Green" Blog Hop Wednesday 8/11

Welcome to our Green Blog Hop!

New to the neighborhood?

This blog hop is for anyone interested in going green, is a new greenie or has been a greenie for a long time!

The purpose of this blog hop is to network and connect with other people who share in the joy and commitment of trying to go green in their lives....even in the baby steps.

To take part in this hop, please read on:

 * PLEASE make sure to put the button on your site and make a quick blog entry - otherwise we will not be reaching the most number of people that would be interested in networking

Going Green with Noah

* Follow the blogs of the ladies in the top three spots : 

* Add your blog name to the MckLinky below
* Follow as many other blogs as you want. The more you follow, the more that will follow you back!  If someone follows you, it is common courtesy to follow back
* The weekly Green Blog Hop MckLinky opens every Tuesday night and will be open to add your blog link until Wednesday night. You then have all week long to visit blogs and return follows!
* There is a new list every week. The link you enter one week will not carry over to the next week's MckLinky. Please link up again each week to join in the fun.

Please remember to create a blog posting including the button after linking up - Please - It's the best way to get the word out about Going Green!


New follower from http://www.thetreehugginmomma.blogspot.com
RenderMeMama said…
Hooking up again this week! Thanks for hosting! (My post will auto publish tomorrow.
Keya said…
Love your blog! Added you to my "blogs I'm following" list on my blog; added your Wednesday button, too. And, I'm your newest follower. Check it out at www.zibelineknits.blogspot.com.
Anonymous said…
Hey there - as I go through the blogs...I wonder - maybe there should be guidelines as to what a "green blog" is...the women might be trying to be green in their home, but their blogs sure don't show it. I don't want to oust anyone who truly thinks they are green, but if there is nothing on their blog about being green, being healthy, being organic, conserving resources, or anything like that...why do they think their blog is green? This is a GREEN BLOG hop, right? :-)
Great blog! I'm a new follower from Green Blog Hop!

Anonymous said…
I agree with the other anonymous person. I am interested in green blogs to follow, not just another blog hop...

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