The Village of Moms: The Skin We're in - The Final Chapter

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My article, published today, is the final chapter of a three-part series called "The Skin We're In" - and discusses the harmful effects of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

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Years ago, my now deceased father was the detergent buyer for the country's #1 department store. It was important back then that all their products be THE best, so the company spent a lot of money and research on making their detergent better than any on the market.

They were the first company to remove phosphates from their product, and I remember my father getting a plaque from the EPA thanking him for his part in this.

However, one thing that bothered him always were the sudsing agents. He told me way back then that real detergent didn't suds, but because people think suds=clean, they had to add a sudsing agent (chemical) to the product.

Why is lathering up so important that we'd risk our health for the impression of cleanliness?

I'll be on the lookout for SLS. I have recently changed my facewashing habits and my hair coloring habits...I wonder what's next...
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