Terracycle Winners!

Congratulations to the following entrants that have won in the Terracycle giveaway - I will email each of you and you will have 48 hours to claim your prize.

Eco-Friendly and Frugal said...24

Button Entry #2

Stephanie said...    186

I blogged about giveaway!


TheSmith4 said...3

Well I already follow Terracycle on Facebook, but I will leave another great thing about them here! They will also recycle their "recycled" products back when you are done with them! Like if your juice bag ever breaks, or your kid smashes the jewelry box you got her made out of a Skittles bag, send it back and they will recycle it too! Just check out the new products they are selling at Toys R' Us! :)

JoeyfromSC said...104

I put your super cool button on my blog:


The Simple Jocabell Life said...41

Follow Terracycle on Twitter


JoeyfromSC said…
WOOHOO!! thanks so much! I'm glad the winning comment for me was the "super cool " button one lol-it really is!:)

Congrats to all of the other winners too!

I emailed you back..thanks again!

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