Smq Organic Cotton & Soy Washcloth Review & 15% off

Upon becoming a greenie, I realized how difficult it is to find quality organic and natural products for Noah.  You can barely find anything in the stores and then once you go online, the prices tend to be a little ridiculous since there is not great competition yet.

At the beginning of July, I found Jennifer, owner and operator of Smq Organics.  Jennifer is the mother of 2 based out of Toronto and boasts a fantastic line of handmade organic crib sheets, washcloths, baby blankets, bum wipes, organic baby blanket buddies and teethers and more.

Jennifer was gracious enough to send me a washcloth to use with Noah made of organic cotton and soy.  I just think it is the neatest thing that textiles can be made from soy now.  How innovative was that thinking?!

The washcloth has been used several times now and has stood up to the test.  Extremely soft, yet durable, the cotton/soy mix has served well to clean my little man! Terry on one side and smooth on the other for even the most delicate skin.  These Baby Wash Cloths are free of toxins and do not contain any synthetic ingredients.  Hypoallergenic and velvety soft which will reduce eczema flare-ups and general skin irritation.

Smq Organics does not use any factory production at all, so the quality is guaranteed. They also never make more than 100 of the same sheet and often offer Limited Edition Sheets (less than 25), so your sheet will be almost as unique as your baby.

A lifetime guarantee is made for every sheet!

Please visit their site Smq Organics to see all of the great items that they have for your natural baby!

Buy from Smq Organics now and get 15% off until August 31st when using the code: noah15 

Happy Shopping! Stay Green.



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