Florida Vacation - Earth's Best Nightmare

We got back from our vacation to Florida on Saturday!

We had a great time visiting family and friends....and then spending a couple days at the beach!

Even though I couldn't truck all of the homemade baby food down there, we ended up going to Whole Foods and buying WAY TOO MUCH jarred Earth's Best organic baby food.  We returned a lot and then tried to take a bunch of it back home with us.

We carried it in our carryon bags so that they wouldn't break - and you know that even though they were sealed, they refused to let me take any more than 3 on the plane with me!

I found a lady with two kids that knew someone that had a baby to give it all to.  Wouldn't I love someone coming up to me saying, "Hey, do you want 20 jars of free Earth's Best jarred baby food?"  It was going to make me sick if I had to throw it away!

If you want to see all the great pictures - click here.


Sarah said…
Yeah, that's the stupid thing about baby food - it's exempt from the regular rules as is breast milk, formula, and juice - but you are only allowed to bring as much as the TSA officer deems necessary for your flight alone. I think it's dumb also.
Kim said…
Must ask, was your photo on the butterfly bench taken at the University of Florida butterfly garden? If not, the same artist made a bench there. I've seen that bench before. Your family is lovely! Thank you for visiting my blog, I plan to watch yours now too!
lisad33611 said…
Sounds like ya'll had a great time here in FL (other than the baby food nightmare). Looks like you got good weather too.
What kind of camera do you have? You take the best pictures!
Mom2BandC said…
Glad you were able to give it to someone. Would have killed me if they tossed it.

They took my small bottle of sunscreen on my return trip -- seems the size was fine to fly with going out, but it was "too big" (even though it fit in my quart bag) for the trip home.

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