Blog Button Swap Hop

Have you ever wondered how to increase some of your site stats quickly and easily while helping fellow bloggers out?

Here's your chance.

This hop is somewhat of a new concept, so I hope that you will help! grades websites on a multitude of different aspects, but one of them is the number of different sites linking into your own.

So how do we do this?    By swapping our blog buttons!

If you'd like to have a blog roll that scrolls like a marquis (like mine) and need some instruction, feel free to email me and I'll get you the instructions on how :)
To participate - PLEASE READ

* The only mandatory element of participation is to go grab the Going Green with Noah button first and come back and leave me a comment telling me where I can find it :) Your blog will be removed from the hop if the Going Green with Noah button cannot be found.

* Then, enter your main blog URL below in the linky.

* Visit others within the hop and go grab their button and place it on your homepage in your blog roll.

* In return, other followers will visit your site, grab your button, and place it on their blog homepage!

* Remember, this will not work if there is no mutual participation.


I'm hoping to have co-hosts for this on a weekly basis, so please email me if you are interested!


Mommy Is Green said…
You can find your button under Blog Roll in the right-hand column of my blog.
Gnat said…
Great idea! You can find your button on the left hand side under Links to blogs.
Mommy Is Green said…
Oh...and I meant to say Thank You! :)
Gnat said…
I updated my button to be square. :) And agree with Mommy is green! Thank you!
Helga said…
I posted it on my page 'Blogs & Sites I enjoy!" Thanks for the button exchange, super idea!
Mrs. No-No said…
Hi Melanie! Thanks again for the invite. This is an awesome idea for a linky!! :) Check out your button under "Blogs I Love" on the left side!!
Carla at Mrs. No-No Knows
Hi Melanie! Funny you mentioned this to me because I just decided recently that I need to THINK about how I want to do my blogroll differently. Right now I just have friends/family and a couple of bloggers I'm close to. Maybe I need to dedicate a whole page or I don't know...will get back to you! This project is on my To Do List :)
Mrs. T said…
Ugh! I need to make a blog button for my site! Where is the easiest place to do this? picnik then photo bucket?
Dang..I missed it...but I still grabbed your button Going Green...! It is on the right side bar scrolling with the other green mama blogs! :)
Anonymous said…
I'm in! Find you button with my scrolling buttons! Thanks!

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