Contractions Update

Hey everyone. Thank you for the well wishes and prayers. We haven't had any contractions since around 1000, so hopefully we are in the clear.

Jonathan has a friend at work that has a full time nanny for their son and is SUPER close to his work and has offered to watch Noah along with their son. This is perfect since Jonathan will be the one having to dropoff and pickup Noah.

THANK YOU all so much again! Now I just have to find things to keep me occupied at home - maybe I can catch up on my past seasons of the Ghost Whisperer while finally helping Tiffanie with details for the shower!

I have to go back in to the hospital tomorrow for another steroid shot and then a followup with my OB on Wednesday afternoon. I will let everyone know what is going on.

Thank you so much again and only ask for continued prayers at this time!

Melanie (and Jonathan and Noah)


Amanda C said…
Wow, good luck. I hope things continue to go well.

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