Malaysia Air Bans Babies from First Class : POLL

Malaysia Airline's controversial ban on infants and children under two years of age in first-class on flights has recently made headlines. According to AOL News , the ban was put into effect after the airline fielded complaints from first-class passengers who didn't enjoy their expensive flights because of bawling babies on board.
CEO Tengku Azmil has taken his defense of the policy to Twitter . The airline leader's Twitter stream seems to be a sounding board and the Azmil isn't shy when it comes to confirming or standing up for the policy, stating "We do not take infants in 1st Class whether on their own seat or on the lap. We do lose some revenue but many ppl complained," in a June 28 update.
Despite the recent attention the baby ban has garnered in the media, the policy is long standing. Azmil told Twitter users that, "Our policy has been in place since 2004, when the current 1st class config was in place."
Though Azmil asserted the recent surge in attention to the ban to a report in the Australian Business Traveller , information from CNN notes that Malaysian Airlines recently expanded the ban to include first-class flights on its recently-purchased Airbus A380 super jumbo jets. The airline expects delivery on the new planes in about a year. Until then, though, the baby ban only applies to long-haul flights on 747-400 planes between Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, London and Amsterdam. Parents and infants are welcome in the business and economy sections.
An official statement from the airline can be found in this press release.
My Take?
As a mother of one (almost two) I understand both sides of the debate.
I can understand that when paying upwards of thousands of dollars for a first class ticket on such a long flight originating in LAX, there is an expectation of modern conveniences along with a tranquil environment.  As a mother, I understand that this does not go hand in hand with an infant.
At the same time, if I wanted to fly Malaysia Air and had enough money to afford to fly my family first class, don't I then, have that right as well?  Mind you - I am far from being able to afford a standard coach class ticket within the continental US!
What are your thoughts?
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amazey said…
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amazey said…
If you asked me this question before I had a child, I wouldn't have cared either way. That is what earphones are for. BUT, now that I do have a child, I have an issue with this. If you are not going to allow children in first class because people complain then we shouldn't allow anyone that gets complained about. Like the people that won't stop talking, or the ones that play their movies or music too loud, how about the ones that snore, those crazy people that like to leave the window shade up when the sun is shining directly in the plane...we should ban them from first class too! Too harsh? oh well.

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