My Fresh Wave Potluck Playdate Party

I was fortunate enough to be selected to host a Fresh Wave Home Party at my home and I was excited to turn it into a Potluck Playdate :)

Fresh Wave is the cure for the common, chemical air freshener. Unscented Fresh Wave® was created to eliminate odors…naturally.

Fresh Wave SpraysCrystal GelsCandlesVacuum PearlsCarpet Shake and Pearl Packs all use the power of nature for safe, non-toxic odor elimination without the use of perfumes or fragrances. Simple, natural, ingredients like Lime, Pine Needles, Aniseed Clove, Cedarwood and Water.

They’re great for the homecarofficecabinboat,lockergym bag and every place else. Wherever you have an odor, we have a Fresh Wave solution.
And Fresh Wave® products are backed by 20 years of experience in odor management and a proven track record of effectiveness because they are created and distributed by OMI Industries, the world leader in odor control and management.

I had several friends and their kiddos show up and we were able to watch a great video about the products that Fresh Wave has and talk about what terrible smells we have to deal with each day in our homes with the kids!

I had the kitchen candle burning and used the Odor Neutralizing Spray on a few different rotten smelling items.  I even cut up an onion and had Abby rub it on her palms....with a few sprays, the Odor Neutralizing Spray cleared the smell!

We had a great time - goody bags were loved by all!

Fresh Wave can be found on Facebook and Twitter!!!

We had such a great time....Noah passed out watching Nemo shortly after everyone left!


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