Sprout's Green Blog Hop: THEME - Eco Friendly Summer products

Welcome to Sprout's GREEN Blog Hop!

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THIS WEEKS THEME IS: Eco Friendly Summer products 

This week we hope you will share some of your favorite Green must-haves for summer: beach, BBQ, and outdoor fun!

Since summer is all about being outside, here are some of my top Eco-Friendly products for this summer:

BBQ - Who doesn't LOVE a great summer BBQ?  From your skin to your food choices, let's have a great time!

** Insect Repellant (DEET free) - DEET is a chemical used to ward off insects, but in rare 
cases can have a toxic effect - is it worth it?  Try these great alternatives!

              Bugger Off All-natural insect repelling skin oil, by Valley Green Naturals

                                              BUG STUFF Natural Insect Repellant Spray

FOOD - From the meats that you grill to the herbs that you marinate them in - every choice resonates through your body from your taste buds to your bloodstream - choose wisely!
          Organic Meats / Veggies
Healthful, Wholesome and Humanely Made

POOL - Well, for those of you that are lucky enough NOT to be on bedrest in prime swimming season.....stay protected in the water!

** Sunscreen without toxins - Have you ever read the back of your sunscreen label?    Do you know what "fragrance" really means? Quite scary! Here are some much healthier options:

                                     Organic Protective Anti Aging Sunscreen with Chamomile & Helichrysum

Protective Wear - Always choose Handmade!
                                                                  SUN BONNETS

 Did you know there was such a thing?
ECO is an eyewear collection made from recycled materials, 
UL Validated. Eco plants a tree for every frame sold!

With it being SO hot outside, it seems that we all use more water!  Get creative and 
build this for your kiddos - Saves water through Low-Flow, yet still allows kids to 
play in cool water in the hot temps!!

Every week a new linky will be posted. Join in on the fun!  I would love to team up with other GREEN bloggers, so if you would like to co-host next week's hop, please leave a comment below and 2 people will randomly be selected to co-host next week.  Please spread the word - the more people who know about this hop, them more we can connect to and expand the Green Network!

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Going Green With Noah - Melanie's blog aims to not only provide inspiration, but motivation to other moms to learn how to take small steps in creating a better and healthier environment for their little ones.  She has great giveaways (stay tuned for her 4th of July Givaway Gala!), product reviews, green tips (check out the 25 days to Green Travel!) and much more!

Raising Green Richmond Kids - Dorinda is committed to raising Eco-friendly children and offers great info not only for families in Richmond, VA but to ANY family on a Green Mission! Raising Green Richmond Kids is a great blog to follow and I'm so happy to have her co-host throughout the summer!
 Mrs. T, Naturally - The name says it all! Mrs. T (Kristen) is a newbie blogger and has a very "natural" approach to her blog and it's very enjoyable to read!  She post about natural products, natural ingredients and other things she is passionate about like Family, photography, architecture and more.

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Sprout5 said…
Awesome list of green summertime must haves! I really love the sun bonnets (what a cute gift idea too!) and the eco eyewear! That is definitely a MUST have! So glad to have you join us this week! Take care! ~Jennifer

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