An Eco-Friendly 4th of July Celebration

This weekend is the celebration of the Independence Day of the United States of America.  Celebrations are planned with family and friends and you wonder, how can I make it just a little more environmentally friendly?

Here are some quick tips:

Have a Daytime Party

It’s a simple concept, but one that many don’t think about.  Instead of hosting a party in and around the time that fireworks will be launched, change the time.  Hosting a daytime BBQ or party utilizes the most of natural light and reduces your footprint in the consumption of fossil fuels by running your overhead lights.  If it does turn to dusk outside, try to incorporate soy candles throughout in order to increase ambience and maintain your commitment to a “lights out” party

Use Reusable Party-Ware

Imagine the amount of waste that is accumulated in our landfills each year, especially during the peak of BBQ season!  Instead of buying paper plates, plastic or Styrofoam cups and plasticware, choose a more eco-friendly option – reusable-ware!


For those items that can’t be purchased and reused, such as beer and soda cans, make sure to recycle them!  Provide your friends and family a clearly marked container to throw all recyclables in!  This is the easiest step you can take.

Select a “good plastic” and serve your grilled hot dogs and hamburgers on  servingware that can be washed and reused rather than collecting in our landfills!  Here’s a great and quick rhyme to help you remember your plastics:
4 – 5 – 1 and 2 …. All the rest are bad for you

Choose Propane over Charcoal

Yes, I’m sure there are many people that will be a little offended and scoff at me for that one! I’m all for the taste of smoke grilled dogs, but according to a study by the Environmental Impact Assessment Review, “the overwhelming factors are that as a fuel, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is dramatically more efficient than charcoal in its production and considerably more efficient in cooking.”

The two grilling methods were defined by their overall footprint, with charcoal using 998 kg of CO2, almost three times more than propane, which weighed in at 349 kg (

Green your Fireworks

Have you ever seen a fireworks launch field the morning after? Ouch.  There is so much debris!  First, choose fireworks that are higher in nitrogen concentration and thus produce less smoke into the atmosphere.

Then – the next morning – take some time and clean up your mess!

Choose All-Natural and Organic foods

By creating a healthier fare for your guests, you will show your commitment to go green and cut out excess waste by not purchasing pre-packaged foods.  The thought that organic foods are more expensive than the conventional is a misconception if pre-planning and research is done prior to your shopping trip!  There are many avenues for green savings, including those on Going Green with Noah.


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