Rare White Buffalo Born in North Texas

In watching NBCDFW this morning, I saw a great news story of a rare white buffalo that was born here in North Texas, during a severe thunderstorm.

The rare white buffalo calf, regarded as sacred by Lakota Sioux tradition, was honored with Native American prayers, religious songs and the solemn smoking of a pipe in a special naming and dedication ceremony - over 2,000 were in attendance!

The calf was appropriately named Lighting Medicine Cloud,  a reference to the thunderstorm that marked the arrival of his birth as well as a tribute to a white buffalo born in 1933 named Big Medicine.

But whether the Greenville, Texas, calf was the third of its kind ever born or the first male in 150 years wasn't immediately clear.
Either way, all agreed that the birth of such a calf was unusual and stressed that it was not an albino, given its dark nose, eyes and marking on the tip of its tail. Several who spoke at the ceremony said they considered it a blessing.

Unity and peace were major themes, as was respect for the environment and the notion that all living things are interdependent.
The white buffalo is an omen that signifies the arrival of hard times unless people learn to change their ways and live in a manner that benefits everyone, including Mother Earth, according to literature distributed at the entrance gate.
"It's the beginning of a new age, new times," said Samuel Joseph Lone Wolf, a Native American elder from Palestine, who played an important role in Wednesday's ceremony. "The birth of the white buffalo calf, it tells us we need to get right, not just with Mother Nature but with all nations and with the Creator, which is God."
The odds of this occurrence happening? One in One Millon! Wow.

View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com.

Sources: NBCDFW.com, AP.com

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cpage2323 said…
Thanks for sharing! That made my morning!:)
turq said…
Oh my Gosh, It's an Omen
He sure is Cute.. very rare im sure. Thanks for sharing. DD

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