Adventures in Baby Food Making - Week 8: Nectarines

Well, week 7 went smashingly with the introduction of bananas! I mean, who doesn't like bananas?

This week we introduced Nectarines. Well.....let's just say that they are VERY tart! We ended up having to mix it in with bananas, pears or cereal to take the bite out.

Here is how you can make nectarines for you 7 month old + baby......

Select and purchase organic nectarines from your local store

Peel the nectarines and cut fruit away from pit.

Puree until smooth and place in ice cube trays. Freeze for about 8 hours.

Bag and tag.

And the ever awaited face:

Really mom?

Next week we will be trying green beans! They are finally in season and found them organic (finally!) at Whole Foods!!! YEAH!!!






Sarah said…
I love green beans! :) Are you going to try peaches on him sometime soon?

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