20 Months Old!

Our sweet boy turned 20 months old!
I can't believe that we are closer to 2 than to 1 anymore!
He has grown so much and it is amazing to watch the development between one and two years old!
He's talking a lot more - some understandable, some not quite so much.
He is still rockin' out the sign language, which has been so helpful!
His fine motor skills are quite in-tune, being able to stack blocks 7 and 8 high before they fall.
He is becoming particular on the shoes he wears - LOL, and will tell us no if he doesn't want to wear them.
He is recognizing when he's dirtied his diapers.
He is just such a sweet and amazing boy!
And here are some pics of our little man:


KaeliH said…
He is such a cute kid!! I shared your site with my brother-in-law who lives in Dallas, hopefully he will come enter your local giveaways!
Kaeli’s Kiwis Reviews and Giveaways
Michelle said…
Hi I am following you through the amazon giveaway you are doing.

I am deaf so I know how helpful Sign Language is even with hearing babies! I know it helps you communicate with them earlier. I hope you dont mind me asking but is Noah deaf or hearing?

: ) Michelle Ayers

Sara said…
Following you :)

BKWilliams said…
So cute! You are blessed to have such a beautiful family. Hugs to all of you.

Your kid is so cute!

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doreen said…
I am a new follower via wired Wednesday although I may not be participating this week.
I wish you a safe and healthy birth with #2.
I have a special needs grandson, he does not speak. All 10 of my other grandchildren are fluent in sign language. We started at 6-7 months. The girls seemed to actually use it faster...hmmm
Clairejustine said…
Hi I'm a new follower from the hop,lovely post :)
Chavonne said…
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pamela r said…
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