Update – 34 Week OB Appointment

When I first arrived, it was a little after 8 – my appointment being at 8:15 a.m.
I learned that my doctor was not only on vacation, but so was the nurse practitioner! Ugh!
Thankfully, with not too much wait time, I was able to see one of the partners before any of her other patients! Yeah!
Telling her about the contractions on Monday being 2-4 minutes apart and the pain that I had yesterday where I couldn’t even walk, she checked me….still dilated to a one.  With that said, though, she has dropped more into the birth canal, which was causing that pain!
Halfway into the 34th week, she forewent giving me the fetal fibronectin test again.  She told me that, at this point, if I were to go into labor, they would just deliver the baby.  So…at this point, we are simply in a waiting game for Amelia to make her grand entrance into this world!
Jonathan is planning on working on the baby’s room this weekend, painting and moving the new furniture in.
I have taken the daunting task of washing all of her clothes.  We are SO GOOD on clothes, its not even funny!  I think we have enough to get her into, if not through, the winter months!
I’ll post soon with pics of the nursery for all of the curious minds out there!


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