34 Weeks with Amelia

As of Sunday, we crossed the 34 week mark and each day is a better day that Amelia stays inside!
I know I’ve been short on blogging recently, but long story short, we have been in the hospital three times in the last three weeks for contractions.
After this last go-round, they finally sent me home with some prescription meds to stop contractions as need.
I am also on bedrest, so that means that I stay home every day – for the most part – while Noah has started daycare / preschool
Needless to say, I still have contractions everyday – in varying degrees.
We did go ahead and get a round of steroid shots, as well, to stimulate her lung function, just in case she does decide to come a bit early. My guess….before August….but who knows!
Here is my plump belly at 34 weeks measuring in at 41″ around:

Just keep us in your prayers – for mine and Amelia’s health and Jonathan’s sanity – while we finish out this pregnancy and wait for our little girl to arrive!


Heather said…
A lot going on for you! I will be praying for you and Amelia:) REST and best wishes!
Erica Nicholas said…
I was on bed rest at the end of my pregnancy, it is no fun at all! I will keep you in my thoughts, hopefully you can carry it out until she's ready.
BKWilliams said…
Hang in there! Our thoughts are with you and Amelia. HUGS to both of you.
Tina said…
Am hoping all goes well and Amelia keeps baking for a little while longer. :)

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