Sprout Blog Hop: Keeping Cool

I was asked to help co-host the Green Blog Hop with Sprout's Green Family this week!  Yeah!

The theme this week is Keeping Cool - Naturally.  I know that everyone seems to have had a hot summer, but I don't think that anyone can parallel with the heat bubble we've endured in Dallas this year.  We are currently experiencing day 23 of 100+ temperatures, with no relief in sight!

Really! Look at these temperatures...and these don't account for the Heat Indexes! Geez.  I guess it's probably a good thing that I'm on bedrest!

1) Wear lightweight clothing - preferably organic.

Wearing lightweight clothing allows your body to stay cool through circulation.  Why organic?  Cotton is one of the most pesticide filled crops out there.  With our body absorbing 70% of what it touches, why would you not choose a better cotton?

2) Use a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant.

I actually used to scoff at this concept.  Why would I want to sweat?  Well....it's God's way of allowing our body to stay cool.  Not sweating is like telling a dog not to pant.

I use Tom's All-Natural deodorant to stay fresh while not restricting a normal function of the body by lathering it with Zinc Oxide.

3) Place cool cloths on your body.  

Do you remember when you were sick as a little kid?  Do you remember when your parents used to put a cold rag on your forehead to keep you cool while feverish?  This is the same concept!

4) Run fans rather than knocking down the A/C

Not only does this actually help circulate indoor air, but uses less power than your A/C, therefore reducing your electric bill AND reducing the strain on the overloaded power grids.

So, what are some ways that you cool down naturally?

Leave a comment below and then HOP HOP HOP!



Hallie said…
I have heard that drinking spearmint tea helps to regulate the body temperature. When we lived in the heat of TX, we drank A LOT of it! :)


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