Green Moms is now GREENMOMETER!

The name changed but the focus is still on helping people live greener lives.
We've gotten feedback from our members that our website serves a wider audience than just "moms", so we've decided to change the name and URL to  We'll be focusing more on the Greenmometer Tips to show how to make small improvements one step at a time that lead to big changes for our world.  Our goal is to help make it easier for EVERYONE to live greener lives by discovering green products, services and ideas recommended and rated by members. If you have a green idea, product, or service that you highly recommend, add it to the GREEN LIST today - help yourself and fellow members find the best out there and rise to a new level of green!
We understand it is impossible to be 100% green. Starting a journey to a green lifestyle is a personal path with many challenges. Our site welcomes everyone with acceptance, support, and positive encouragement…from those just learning about green to those deep into it.  We are many shades and types of green and we celebrate it!
Green on! Your children will thank you for it!
Melinda & Janice


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