The New Milk Ad does a body good!

One of the classic advertising campaigns that we all grew up with.

Now, the Milk council has designed a new ad campaign targeted at men, in order to help their wives and girlfriends drink more milk.

We've all seen the "got milk" ads. Well, the milk people are taking things to a new level with a controversial ad campaign.
Why? Because a 1999 study found a link between milk and post menstrual syndrome, Fox 29's Kerry Barrett reported.
The ad campaign suggests that PMS symptoms can be subsided with a glass of milk.
The print advertisements feature so-called apologies for men to use when they feel like women are going through their time of the month.
And there's a website mocking a code-red global PMS emergency.
But the campaign is rubbing people the wrong way, with many women calling it sexist and insulting.

I think they are hilarious.  Why not, right?
If it can help us with PMS AND the lack of calcium that women intake on a daily basis, why not make fun of men also in the process - in their silly remarks and awkwardness toward "that time in the month"


Gina Guillotine said…
No offense, you're clearly a milk drinker, but these ads are more lies spewed out by the dairy industry because milk sales are falling.

The dairy council also had to pull their ads that claimed milk helped people lose weight because they were lies.

In countries with the highest dairy consumption, there are also the highest rates of osteoporosis. That is because consuming animal products raises our blood acid to help digest it, and when that happens, calcium is leached from our bones to neutralize the acid.

If people want to consume dairy, fine, but the dairy council shouldn't resort to blatant lies and misinformation to get people to do it.

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