Growing Green Blog Hop

The theme for this week blog hop that I have been asked to help co-host this week is "Growing Green" - I love blog hops!

Unfortunately, I don't have a garden - I do have a flower bed and in it is some jasmine, lavender and rosemary, but that is all that is somewhat edible!

Where do I buy my summer veggies and fruits then?

I would love to say that I buy them from the local farmers market, but unfortunately, I would rather pay more to get organic fruits and veggies from Whole Foods or Sprouts. Most of my time is spent in Whole Foods, though, simply because Sprouts carries mostly local non-organic produce, while Whole Foods has the best selection of organic produce in the North Dallas area.

Share the blog hop with your friends! The more the merrier!!!


Anonymous said…
I'm linking up even thought my site isn't entirely about living green. (But I did just start cloth diapering!) Anyways, I'm trying to follow but GFC isn't cooperating. Just wanted to let you know I'll keep trying! Thanks for the hop!


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