36 Weeks Along....

The day before that mark (Saturday), I was BACK in the hospital, as I was having contractions every 6-8 minutes.
They gave me more Terbutaline and fluids and discharged me, even though my contractions hadn’t completely ceased.
Now, I’ve been dealing with some severe nerve pain in my lower back that radiates up my spine! Ugh.
I have also moved from looseto strict bedrest for the duration.  So now we wonder if they will take her early or continue to postpone until her due date.
Jonathan is still being a wonderful stronghold for me and a trooper in having to be the married single dad.
I love being pregnant, but with the constant contractions and now the pain in my back, I’m ready for Amelia to be here!


Erin said…
Oh gosh...it is things like this that sure make us wish for our babies to arrive sooner! I too was in the hospital last week with contractions, etc..I was very beyond dehydrated however and was instructed to drink tons of fluids....finally yesterday after about 5 days I finally felt better...somewhat..but have found that I am wishing for this little princess to arrive soon too!! I sure hope you start feeling better and that you get some much needed rest before Amelia arrives!
Mommy Is Green said…
I hope you feel better soon and little Amelia arrives safely!
mindy25414 said…
Oh- I remember those meds well... terrible! Gave me chest pain, I couldn't breathe or stop shaking. After going it twice they finally delivered my daughter at 35wks and she came home with me 3 days after birth so no worries that you are too early, our babies know when they are suppose to come (my little porker was a whopping 8lbs 6oz at 35wks so it's no wonder she was ready!) Hope you are staying sane while on bedrest and I am wishing you the best of luck with your upcoming delivery!

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