We have teeth!

The day before Noah turned 7 months old (November 15), he cut his first tooth.

I had to wait a few days to get a good snapshot of it.

He has another that has cut - his top tooth that is next to your front big tooth. The second bottom tooth is also trying to break through!

What a big boy!






Sarah said…
Poor Adrian had both bottom teeth come in at the same time when he was exactly 6 months old. What's even worse is that all four of his front teeth also came in at the exact same time when he was 8 1/2 months old! Luckily, he was a good teether and never fussed, but I imagine that had to have hurt. My wisdom teeth only recently came in one at a time over the past 5 years and I was such a baby about it. I couldn't imagine getting four at once.
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lisad33611 said…
How exciting! Congratulations Noah! My daughter Serena turned 4 months on 6/18. Yesterday she cut her first tooth. I'm hoping it won't affect our nursing relationship. hehe. ;)
Meeko Fabulous said…
Here via Follow Friday! :)
The Wife said…
How cute! =)

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