Adventures in Baby Food Making - Week 2: Butternut Squash

SWEET POTATOES - Week #2 - Solid Food #2

For our second week of solid foods we could introduce winter squash, as summer squashes cannot be introduced until 7 months old.

We decided to purchase, prepare and introduce Butternut Squash to Noah, so I purchased one organic Butternut Squash.

I cut the squash lengthwise and stripped out any seeds and fibers, just like a pumpkin!

I cubed the squash into 1" pieces and placed them to steam for 25 minutes.

Once steamed, I peeled the squash and placed the cubes in our Cuisinart 11 cup food processor and pureed for approximately 2 minutes so that the mixture was extremely smooth.

I was able to fill one complete ice cube tray with 2 tbsp of puree in each ice cube slot and placed it in the freezer for 8 hours.

Once complete, I emptied the ice cube tray, placed the cubes in a freezer bag and labeled.

Winter squash is good for up to 2 months in the freezer when using the Food Cube method.

This is what Noah thought about the Winter Squash on his first try:

This week.....Pears!


I LOVE making our baby food!!

Those faces are priceless!
Meghan said…
Thanks for joining in Monday Madness.

lisad33611 said…
WOW! I love your homemade baby food "series"! We haven't yet started solids bc I want to wait until she's about 10 months before we do, but I also want to make her food instead of buy it. I thought it would be SO hard, but it looks easy when you break it into step by step w/ pictures. THANK YOU!

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