Upcoming Christening

Jonathan and I are so excited, because on Saturday, June 19th, Noah will be baptized!

We are so excited to bring him into the church with all of our family and friends....and of course...the godparents!

With the baptism quickly approaching, I had my sister design the baptism invitations and baptism announcements using a picture that I had taken. They turned out beautiful and I will share on the blog once the baptism occurs.

I am equally excited to receive the baptism gown. We ordered it from an individual on Etsy.com by the username JuJuGenevieve. She is custom making his baptismal gown and I am totally on edge to see it (in a good way).

Here is the pattern in which she is making the gown

For the embroidered initial, we are doing a small blue cross that will match the blue trim on the collar and sleeves. The material will be a white Swiss Pique:

I can't wait to share the final product with you in a week or so!

Till next time.....


My goodness... this is beautiful. Simple and wonderful!

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