Raid has Gone Green and Saved our Peach Tree!

We have a peach tree in our backyard, and we have had the opportunity to see it grow very well over the last year and a half.
This year, it came back with a great fervor and is full of leaves and boasts 10+ healthy little peaches.

I went out to water the tree two days ago and was appalled to see all these little black bugs covering the tree and eating the leaves and going after the peaches! Nooooo!!!

I went to Callaway Gardens and they, unfortunately, were out of their organic pesticides. Noooo!

I looked up homemade solutions, but really didn't know what I was dealing with.

Lo and behold, I went to WalMart today and found a product distributed by RAID that is "green" called Earth Options. I purchased their Insecticidal Soap and sprayed the tree down. Within less than a minute, all the bugs dropped dead.....literally! YEAH!!!

Thank you Raid.....for becoming eco-friendly and saving our peach tree!

Definitely would recommend this line of pesticide for your pests too!

Can you get rid of our flies now too while staying green? :)


Jackie said…
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