Adventures in Baby Food Making - Week 5: Carrots

As discussed last week, Week 4 was our introduction to Mangoes, which went over VERY WELL!
This week, we have begun to introduce carrots to Noah. This is one of those veggies that can be introduced at 7 months old. I decided to get back to the beta carotenes - and it was one of the veggies that I could find organic.
This is how you make them:

Select your organic carrots. Two bushels like this makes about 1.5 ice cube trays of 2 tbsp each.

Make sure that if you don't make them immediately after purchase - cut off the greens on top. They can actually suck out some of the nutrients.

Cut the tops off - Scrub Scrub Scrub

Cut into smaller pieces and steam in your steamer for 10-15 minutes

Place inside your food processor and blend until smooth. HINT: I put in too many - and too big of pieces and it took me forever.....use this a word to the wise.

Spoon out and place in your ice cube trays and freeze for 8-12 hours.

Remove from trays - Bag and date.

Frozen carrot cubes are good for 2 months in the freezer.

This is what we thought about carrots

Noah was wearing a bib from Francesca Baby - Click here for giveaway!

Next Week: Acorn Squash


Nikki said…
This looks so familiar:0 We tried sweet potatoes today! Stop by and check out my Healthy Kids series. I'm working on flavorful baby food recipes. Have a great day.
Oh my that first photo is priceless!!
hi - following you from Follow Me Back Tuesday, I invite you to follow back! I am a green mama too!
Enjoy your week!
mle said…
Noah is super cute! who wouldn't like mangoes and carrots?!
LLL with Leslie said…

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Jennifer said…
Hi there, following you from Follow Me Back Tuesday! :) So glad to be here.

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