Adventures in Baby Food Making - Week 7: Bananas

Finishing out the Acorn Squash in week 6 went quite well!

I have learned that starting him with squash early was a plus - looks like he'll eat any type, unlike mom!

This week we started the all famous bananas! Why did we wait so long?

Well, we wanted to wait until he had several veggies before introducing such a sweet and yummy fruit.

Of course, he loves it!

Here is how you can make your own and store it frozen as well:

Select ripe organic bananas. Remember that you must prepare these immediately before they go bad. Remember, there are no preservatives in organic fruit!

Cut the bananas up and place them in your food processor and blend until smooth.

Place the bananas in an ice cube tray and freeze for 8 hours.

Remove from tray, once frozen, and "bag and tag"

It only took him a second to realize how much he liked it before I couldn't keep up with him!

Next week - Nectarines!


Sarah said…
Who doesn't like bananas!? I will eat banana ANYTHING (bread, pie, muffins, name it).

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