Memorial Day Activities

On Memorial Day, we went and spent the morning and early afternoon with my Mom and two sisters (of three).

I had to share the wonderful pictures from the pool!

Playing with Daddy in the pool

Playing with Mommy in the pool

Doing such a good job sitting up!

Giving kisses to Aunt Leslie

Check out the do!


Samantha said…
Sooo adorable! Glad you all had a fun Memorial Day!
Love the photos! He is just adorable... *love* the do! :)

Stopping by from iFellowship... so nice to meet you!
Unknown said…
blog follower from welcome Wednesday! You can follow me at


Happy Wednesday!!
Little Bishops said…
Awesome pictures!

Following from Welcome Wednesday.
Anonymous said…
Cutest baby pictures EVER!!!

Blessings from iFellowship,
Amber D said…
Gotta love that mohawk!

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