Adventures in Baby Food Making - Week 3: Pears

Week 3 - Pears

Here we are on our 3rd week of our series "Adventures in Baby Food Making"

For week 3, we chose to prepare pears. I wanted to start with veggies, which we did, and now I wanted to introduce a non-yellow fruit. I really didn't want to get that nice beta-carotene orange nose!

We purchased 3 organic pears, which made 1 ice cube tray full of 2 tbsp. servings.

Your baby must be at least 5 months old for cooked pears and 6-7 months old for raw.

This was a very simple fruit to prepare since Noah can eat them raw.

I cut up the three pears with the skins still intact and placed them in our Cuisinart 11 cup food processor and pureed for approximately 2 minutes so that the skins were completely smooth within the mixture.

I filled one ice cube tray with the puree - with 2 tbsp of puree per cube and froze overnight.

Remove the cubes from the tray and place in a freezer bag and label.

Pears are good for up to 1 year after puree in the freezer.

Make sure when you reheat - if you use the microwave - to stir and test the food before giving to your child. Microwaves tend to unevenly heat, thus creating hot spots.

Here is what Noah thought about the pears on our first try:

Next Week - Mangoes!!!


Sarah said…
That's pretty much the face I make when I eat pears - blech! I dislike them. The boys always liked mangoes and peaches mixed together.
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Nikki San said…
awwww!! He's cute as a button. :) Btw, I'm following you from FMBTuesday. ^^

Have an awesome week! -NiQ
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Hope you will consider following back at
I love making baby food. I'm glad its back in trend for more people even though I guess I was cool even pre-trend HA! Found you through follow me Tuesday!
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