Ooooooklahoma is the place to be!

This past weekend, we took the opportunity to go and visit Jonathan's Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Jimmy, with whom Noah and I had yet to meet.

What a wonderful trip!

The house, the land, the slow pace of life was wonderful and a nice change of pace.

We simply hung out and visited for the most part and only left the house once to attend a 16th birthday party of one of Jimmy's family members.

I am so blessed that I was able to meet such wonderful and kind people. I am so proud to call them family!

Here is our trip in pictures:

We stopped at a gas station to take a break and there was an awful pen next to it with two goats. This one wanted nothing but love!

Then didn't want us to leave

The Mum Mum's kept us occupied when we began to get fussy.

They are the best snack in the world for pre-teethers.

When we got to the house, we took a sink bath and played with our bath toys

Even Mommy's Big Bird from when she was a baby!

The next morning, Noah was awake at 6 am. He spent some time with Daddy in bed and then we let Daddy go back to sleep and we went and took a walk.

The lake behind the house

The Garden

Trowel in the garden

Cottonwood tree by the lake

See...we are on a farm!

So Serene

From the front porch looking out

That circle was the top of a well from the 1800's!

The next morning

Aunt Phyllis cooked up the best breakfast - Eggs, Bacon and Biscuits

Then we took another walk.

This is the front of the house.

We went and looked at their newly installed storm shelter


We visited with the horses next door.

This one was TOO sweet.

And then visited with the dogs that lived on the other side....and yes we saw a Corgi!

We saw their AWESOME trike!

Found a cool spiderweb

Played with Uncle Jimmy

And then played some more

Went to a 16th Bday party where the dad was Filipino and make a real pig in a pit! Mmmmm

This sign was by the lake at the property of the birthday party....CLASSIC!

Mommy got to drink a beer

And we had a great time as a family

We visited with family

Hannah, Terry and Micah (left to right)

Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Phyllis, Terry and Noah

The proud great aunt and great uncle

This trip is tired.......had so much fun!


Theresa said…
Hi. Visiting you today from iFellowship. Looks like you had a lovely time in OK. It looks really peaceful and relaxing. Great pictures. I have a Noah too, love that name!
Jennifer said…
Wow... what a trip! I loved looking through these photos. Such a beautiful, beautiful piece of land they have. Sounds like and looks like you had a great time!

Stopping by from iFellowship... so nice to meet you! :)

Sarah said…
Cute pictures! I swear, Noah's hair is a different color in every photo. In some it looks blond, in others brown, and in others red. If someone asked me what color hair he has, I honestly could not tell them.

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