The "Green" Dog

In an effort to become a little more diverse in the "Going Green" initiative, here are some tips and tricks in helping become a little bit more "green" when it comes to your second babies in the family - your dogs!

1) ADOPT / RESCUE !!!!
* This is the easiest thing to do! Go to your local shelter or rescue group - there are so many animals that need a home, including abandoned purebreds!

Miss Sandy Marie - My rescued baby Corgi!

2) Buy recycled toys
* Or repurpose old durable childrens toys - these can be found at your local thrift store

3) Use Eco-Friendly Shampoos
* Did you know that most standard dog shampoos are filled with parabens?!!

4) Compost your dog poo.

5) Recycle your dog food bags and cans
* Imagine how much space these take up in the landfill!

6) Go organic....if you can!
* Did you know that most dog food products in the supermarket consist of reconstituted animal by-products? These are low-grade wastes from the slaughterhouses. Natural and organic pet foods use meats that are raised in sustainable and humane ways. Certified organic products, such as those for humans, must meet strict USDA standards.

Of course these are only a few steps, but as I have mentioned before, it takes baby steps to become green!

Who wouldn't want to give this little guy (Marquis) the best that there is?






Chara Lynn said…
How cute are those dang dogs, especially that last one. Can I have him? ;-)
Stopping by to say hello and see what is new, hope you have a blessed week.
Make sure you get entered into all my monthly giveaways, including the latest, Sundays Fabulous Feature.
Stay Fabulous
Cherees said…
I just adopted a puppy from the shelter here in our area. We haven't gotten him home yet. The shelter here neuters them and puts micro chips them. When you adopt it takes 2 to 5 days before they can come home. I am hoping he gets to come home tomorrow.

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