Book Review: Black by Ted Dekker

By: Ted Dekker
ISBN - 1595540210


That is really the only way to properly open this book review.

Black, written by Ted Dekker, is a very different story, but one to keep you captured and always anticipating the next moment.

Thomas Hunter is a no-name twenty-something man in debt with a bookie. Boring life until the dreams begin. Transported into a world that feels as real as his own, this Eden-esque life begins to bring doubt into his mind as to which reality is real - or are they both?

In his alter-world, he is told that his dreams are only recollections of the "histories" of the former Earth, prior to a virus that wiped out humanity. He learns quickly that the two worlds are intertwined somehow, and that knowledge learned in both realities can affect and assist in the other.

Fighting the face of evil in both worlds - Teeleh - the deceptive bat and Svensson - the mastermind behind the virus release, both worlds may very well lay in the hands of this one man.

Filled with twists and a definite sense of curiosity, the book does not really become clear until the last 100 pages. It is within these pages that we learn of some truths and the realities start becoming parallel.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready for a great Christian fiction / sci-fi adventure!

Red, White and Green are the next three books in the series and I am so excited to get started!


MamaTink said…
I read this! It was a great book. I have to look for the others!
missykade said…
Following, please follow back :)

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