Karate Kid: The Movie - Review

I must say that when the Teaser Trailers first came out - advertising a rendition of The Karate Kid, my first reaction was, "Jackie Chan...Really?".......

Then the full trailers started to be released and my attitude changed quite a bit and I was so excited to go and see it.

Rated PG (for once!), the movie is definitely a different story than the original, but the premise is the same - boy moves away to a foreign country - gets picked on - learns to fight with a great instructor - goes to competition....and on and on.

What made my husband and I laugh was the integration of a lot of the lines used from the original film, as well as some of the same scenes :)

As far as children are concerned, the only bad word used is the A word (a donkey without the Jack) - and even then, the child uses it three times and then Jackie Chan tells him to stop.
Other than that, the only questionable material is the fighting, which is no more than the original.

Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan both did an amazing job in their roles. I was amazed at the acting ability of Jaden Smith, in his ability to prepare for this role and his ability to cry on cue. Both of these tasks being very difficult to achieve. Jackie Chan, I must admit, is able to pull off this role by simply losing the comedic effect of his fighting style.

Revamped for a new generation, The Karate Kid, is a movie that I would highly recommend! Really - How many movies can you recall in which the audience (and yourself) actually are cheering and clapping?


Sarah said…
I have heard surprisingly good reviews about this movie, but the thing I could not get past is the title. It's the KARATE Kid. Karate is a Japanese sport. So why is he in China, being taught kung fu? It's not a remake, so I don't think they should have kept the same title, just because the basic story premise is the same. Everything else about the movie is different from the original. Ugh. Sorry for the rant, I am just sick of movie companies and animation studios bastardizing the brilliant movies and cartoons of the 80's. Did you hear they are remaking Don't Tell Mom, the Babysitter's Dead? :/
Faith said…
oh! thanks for the review. I LOVE the previews. Glad to hear that it is a good family movie.

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