Step 4 to Green: Cloth Diapering

Yes....I know what you are are CRAZY!

We registered for several cloth diapers when we were pregnant, but only received one set. As scary as cloth diapering sounded, we hesitated and only started trying it yesterday.

Mind you, I remember when cloth diapering was a diaper (burp cloth) with funny pins! Yes, Angela, I remember changing those diapers on you!

Now, the diapers are snazzy with an ultra absorbent liner that you switch out every time your baby has a wet diaper. The actual diaper stays dry, as the liners pull away the moisture. Then, you change the whole diaper when its dirty.

We have started trying with the BumGenius diapers. We currently have 2 diapers and 2 liners, but found a set of 25 being sold on Craiglist for $25! So I snagged those up quick.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been and so ecstatic to realize how much money we are going to save!!!!


Courtney said…
I cloth diapered Nate up until about 6 months ago, and I LOVED it! I've already gotten out all my old ones and am getting them ready for baby #2!

Have fun, and if you ever have ANY questions at all, definitely let me know! I'd love to help!

(Oh, and if you have a a sewing machine and want to save big bucks you can sew them yourself. I can barely sew a straight line and I made a bunch for Nate. If you're interested I've got a great pattern I love.)
The Alpert Fam said…
We have been cloth diapering since Cason was 8 weeks old and it has saved us tons of money! We actually just use prefolds with pins and a cover. I have never had any problems. We love thirties if you decided to try something else.
The Kloeppings said…
We switched over to cloth about a month ago and love it! I started with mostly bumgenius diapers but since then it's become an obsession and now I have lots of different ones.

That pattern sounds like an interesting option too...Courtney - where did you find it?
Sarah said…
So...are the pads inside the diaper kind of like ones you wear on your period? Or bigger? I'm just having trouble picturing it.
Shawna said…
Oh wow! You got a seriously good deal for those diapers!

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